Travel Tips For a Trip to Cayman Islands

Trip to Cayman Islands

Travel Tips For a Trip to Cayman Islands

Trip to Cayman Islands is an exotic travel experience. The most popular Cayman Islands, formerly British Overseas territory, covers 3 small islands in the Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman is recognized for its excellent beach resorts and many varied scuba diving and snorkeling sites. Little Cayman is famous for its seabird populations, home to rare iguanas and red-footed boobie.

You can enjoy your stay at Grand Cayman Island in your own vehicle or with a group of friends and family. A car park is available on the north end of the island just north of George Town. Please visit our website for further information about travel insurance, car rental and other vacation details. The car park is accessible from the main gate of George Town and it is not too far away from the Cayman Islands airport. If you arrive by air, take a taxi to the main terminal.

While you are enjoying your holiday in Grand Cayman and the other two islands, why not try the fabulous Cayman Islands festivals? Each year in April, from mid-March to mid-May the “Grand Cayman Islands Arts Festival” takes place at George Town. The festival includes music, dance and fireworks during the day and dinner, lectures and discussions by local artists and native islanders during the evening. For those coming in from out-of-country, the hotel rooms are located in George Town area. There is also a bus service to take you to the islands.

If you are looking for a day out from the grand Cayman islands, why not visit Camana Bay? The largest man made forest in South America, Camana Bay is filled with natural beauty and adventure. Explorers will find a wide variety of wildlife, including sting rays, sea turtles and colorful flamingos. There are a wide range of water sports available, including kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and jet skiing. The beautiful Camana Bay State Reserve is an ideal place to take in some nature photography.

When you have had enough of the Grand Cayman Islands and the beautiful beaches and beautiful rainforests, what would you want to see in order to really enjoy yourself? Perhaps a little exploration of the island villages is in order. Some people like to visit the rainforests, while others enjoy the natural beauty of the island better. One of the best ways to experience the island is to travel to Cayman Brac and experience firsthand the rich culture of the Cayman Islands. There is no better way to see the beauty and history of the islands than to visit the Mano Juan National Park.

While there are plenty of beautiful beaches on the Grand Cayman Islands there are also plenty of attractions. If you are interested in experiencing the natural beauty of the island’s beaches and landscapes, then there are plenty of opportunities for that as well. If you are interested in the history and culture of the island then the museums are your best options. Even if you just want to bask in the sunshine for a few hours at the most, there are plenty of beach resorts to keep you occupied and satisfy your every need. So whether you are planning a short vacation or a permanent stay, you will find something enjoyable in Cayman Brac.