A Trip to Bafra in Egypt

Trip to Bafra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. It is situated in the Nile area near the southern coastal city of Alexandria. The town has a mixture of Arab as well as local cultures. The ancient history of this place is very old; the civilization is linked with Roman, Greek and Ptolemy empires. Today many tourists love to spend their vacations in this beautiful town of Egypt.

Trip to Bafra

One can easily travel to the place through direct flights from Cairo or any other city of Egypt. Bafra is served by a number of major Egyptian Airways airlines including Egypt Air, Fly Egypt, Cairo International Airlines and Egemen Egypt Air. All these airlines offer comfortable flights to this wonderful town.

The main attractions of this town include Bafra Fort, Tombs of the Pharaohs, Fustat tomb, and necropolis. These tombs are the resting place of different notable personalities from past and current period. Along with these there are also several other interesting attractions that you can take a trip to during your trip to Bafra.

The great attraction of this town is the Bafra Palm Tree, which is the tallest palm tree in the world. It is also rare species. Due to its rarity and beauty of the traders of Bafra charge high rates for its plantation. The city also provides you an option to take your vehicle on rent.

Before travelling to this place it is advisable that you check whether the country is safe for visiting. You should also check for the necessary requirements for travel. You can also check with the travel operator for information about cheap flights to Bafra and other Egypt holiday packages.

This town is considered to be the most attractive and picturesque tourist destination of Egypt. The Bafra Palm Tree is the main attraction for all the visitors. There are many interesting places in this town where you can have a pleasant stay like the Bafra State Park, Old Bafra Church, Old Bafra Fishing Village, City Center, Old Fort City, and Old Town. Some of the most popular beaches are the Reef Beach, Westgate Beach, Sunset Beach, South Beach, Dokki Beach, and the Sun’s Beach. Apart from these you can also go for some great diving sites and can take pleasure in the sea life.

You can take flights to Bafra either for local flights or for flights to Egypt and stay here for few days. The accommodation facilities available here are quite decent and you will not face any problem for booking your place. The best time to plan your trip is during the peak season which usually happens from January to April. The weather in this place is pleasant and you can have a great time during the trip to Bafra.

The most important attraction of the town is the Bafra Palm Tree. The palm tree was originally grown in Africa but now it is grown in this land and it bears more than one hundred and twenty fruits. It is very famous among the tourists and you can see many people enjoying themselves in the gardens of this beautiful place. The markets of the town provide you a variety of fruits and vegetables at good rates. Most of the people are aware of the fact that Bafra is an important place in Egypt. You can also go for a dip in the beach and enjoy the sun.