Popular Activities to Do on Your Trip to Yovon, Thailand

Trip to Yovon

Popular Activities to Do on Your Trip to Yovon, Thailand

Tajikistan is a republic in Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan and China, and is often referred to as the “colored carpet” of Asia because of its rich and diverse landscape. There are four major ethnic groups in Tajikistan: the Shashtak people, the Khatriyas, the Qashtakids and the Ingushtitids. Tajikistan is an extremely beautiful country and is home to some of the most attractive and varied landscape in the world. There is something for everyone in this wonderful country, which is why tourism is one of the most popular activities in Tajikistan. The main attractions of tourism in Tajikistan include the three major national parks, the mountains and deserts, and the many ruin sites from the past.

Average temperatures in April in Yovon are rather cold, with temperatures ranging between ten and twenty-one and there are only 8 days of sunshine a year. So, while on a trip to Yovon, lightweight clothing and warm gloves should be highly recommended. When you visit Yovon, especially in spring, it is especially important to dress in layers, because the weather in the valley can become rather hot. However, temperatures in Yovon tend to be rather moderate throughout the year, and you will find spring particularly pleasant. Summer is the best time to go to Yovon, as temperatures remain more mild. You may stay in a guesthouse or at one of the many tourist resorts and enjoy everything that Yovon has to offer from sightseeing, hiking, cycling, fishing, swimming, to skiing and ice skating.

In early April, head out to Bulyumon to see the flowers in bloom. Travel north from Bulyumon towards Chashmarni, where you will find many springs, including the well-known Panyangsa spring. In Chashmarni, there is a good hiking route to follow; however, if you want to see some real wild life, the Khao Suk River area is the place to go. In Chashmarni, you can also visit the nearby Samui archipelago.

For those who enjoy bird watching, there is always the opportunity to head out to Samui for an exotic bird tour. There are many local species to view in this region, including the purple-cheeked parrot, white-crowned crane and masked fairy penguins. If you like sea birds, you should also visit Nathon Bay, which offers excellent opportunities to view eagles, herons, puffins, and various other species. You can also spend time at sea and enjoy the many opportunities for snorkelling, diving, and surfing.

Fly-fishing is one of the most popular activities in Yovon. The rivers, lakes and streams in the region offer ideal spots for fishing. You can hire a guide from the trip operators or you can just start fishing right away. You will also find many local restaurants serving delicious local cuisine and a wide variety of fresh seafood. The fish can be fried, grilled, or boiled.

Horse riding is also popular in Yovon. The landscape is picturesque with many large hills and plateaus. This is one of the most popular activities in the village. While there, you should make sure to take some day trips to Panglao and Ang Thong National Parks. These parks have many interesting attractions for tourists.