Travel to Tajikistan – 3 Reasons to Take Up Travel to Shar Orebie

Welcome to my Travel to Sharora article! This is a guest post on Tajikistan. It’s one of my favourite countries to visit, and also one of the most high-demand destinations in Central Asia. Millions of tourists visit Sharana every year and spend their whole vacation there. But why are so many international tourists still interested in travelling to this country?

Trip to Sharora

The first – and major – reason is probably the Tajik people. Thousands of hard-working Tajik men and women live and work in this country. They are quite friendly and welcoming, and even though they’re not originally Tajik they have incorporated elements of the culture of Tajik into their everyday life. A large percentage of the people you meet in Tajikistan will be familiar with English, so will feel more comfortable conversing in English if you attempt to travel to this country via the international tourist circuit.

The next reason is of course the stunning scenery. Sharana is an incredibly untouched desert – it has no tarmacs, railways or roads, and the only other way to reach the interior of the country (and the only way to get in) is by boat. So if you enjoy the scenery and the clear air, then Tajikistan is the perfect destination for your travel. Derev Razmish is a must-see town in the north of the country, home to the world-famous Razmish river and many ancient ruins.

And the third reason, and arguably the most important one, are the people of Tajikistan. Like many former Soviet states, Tajikistan has an extremely strong national identity, and you will immediately notice the Tajik people when you are there. They are generally friendly and make no effort to conceal their nationality – and this, I believe, is one of the country’s greatest assets.

If you want to make the most out of your travel to Tajikistan, then you should definitely book your trip online. There are a large number of travel websites now, all offering packages to Tajikistan. You will have a wide choice of accommodation options, from guest houses to hotels, and you should always choose somewhere that suits your budget as well as your lifestyle. And for those who prefer to trek through the Pamir Mountains, there are a host of guided tours available to the avid traveller. There are even some really interesting paths for trekkers, and a host of adventure activities too, including paragliding and rock climbing.

But the single best way to really experience everything there is to do in Tajikistan is to go on a guided tour. These tours are organised by various travel agencies throughout the country – and are highly recommended. A guide will take you around, show you where to eat, show you the best places to see and explore, and even give you some history and background on the country’s rulers. The trip can sometimes also include travelling to the Pamir Mountains, but this is an optional extra.