3 Different Trip Options You Might Consider For Your Trip to Krk Island

For most of my life I have been a big fan of Croatia. In fact, a lot of friends from high school and college have gone on family trips to Croatia. The Croatia they have seen is a mix of Serbs, Croats, and Muslims. Although they have not been to all of the countries in this region, they have all been to Krnjota Croatian islands and Dubrovnik. In short, Croatia is like Switzerland with mountains.

Trip to Krk

Trip to Krk is a big Croatian island off the north coast of the Adriatic sea, connected by a narrow bridge to the mainland. The fifth-century Krk Cathedral, on the city of Krk, features a huge marble pulpit and large column Corinthian pillars engraved with Greek symbols. Overlooking the harbor is Frankopan Castle, home to a Gothic bell tower and hundreds of years-old stone passageways.

To get to Krk island, there are several ways. The easiest is to take a direct flight to Dubrovnik and connect with a ferry that goes to Krk. Another option is to rent a car and drive to Krk island. However, driving to Krk island means you will need good driving skills and an ability to negotiate uneven terrain and climbs. If you choose to drive, remember to book a car with as much luggage as possible, as overbooking a car can cause serious problems for travelers. It is highly recommended that you do not carry more than 2.3 days worth of personal items in your car.

If you decide to try your hand at diving in Krk Island, be prepared for one of the most beautiful underwater sights in all of the Adriatic. Many dive sites are home to wriggling groups of hammerheads, but you will also see manta rays, sharks, starfish, and octopus, among other colorful ocean life. The best time to visit this beautiful island is from April to November; however, diving can be seen year-round.

The third type of trip you may want to consider for your trip to Krk is a tourist medical service. This type of trip allows you to explore the sights and activities while being treated for various ailments, like the common cold or a minor virus. Many of the local hospitals offer this type of service, and some even offer medical care for foreign visitors who happen to be staying at one of their resorts. There is a plethora of hospitals and clinics in and around the island, and they are usually conveniently located close to any of the accommodations or tourist medical service centers.

One of the last things you might want to consider for a trip to Krk Island is the chance to explore the many art galleries and museums that are available in and around the island. It is common for artists to display their work at local galleries before traveling to other states or countries. There are also a number of private art museums in Krk that are open to the public, and it is not uncommon to find a few in the prime tourist areas like the village of Glagolitic alphabet, or the old town and fortress of Dubrovnik. If you’re looking to find a unique way to spend your vacation, a trip to Krk may be just what you are looking for.