A Short Guide to Croatia

Trip to Cres: a brief travel guide. Croatia is an island located in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Italy. Croatia is known for its beautiful Arabic castles, beautiful beaches, and museums. Cres city is noted for its 16th century Arsan Palace and the world famous Venetian Tower, which house Cres museum and its vast collection of antiques, weapons and relics. In the south, lengthy trails pass through the Tramuntana forests.

Trip to Cres

Croatia travel tips: If you’re not interested in getting airfare to Cres, there are a few economical ways to see this beautiful coastal town. You can rent a bike and tour the historical city by yourself or hire a professional bike tour company to transport you. Hiring a professional bike tour company will help lower your flight costs.

The most visited part of Croatia, Cres, was a Roman Catholic island. The island has two towns; Rogas and Cetina. The city walls of these two towns date back to the second century A.D., which makes these ruins quite old. There is an old church in Cetina, dating from the fifth century A.D., which you can visit. The main buildings of the city walls include the fortress, Basilica di San Bartolomeo, San Marco castle and the Santi Palace.

Another great attraction of Croatia is the picturesque Dalmatian Coast. The most striking thing about this region is the many rocky cliffs with small villages perched high above the sea. The villages are mostly populated with Paska, Sveta and Smilja fishermen. The Dalmatians are very strict about preserving their landscape, so do take care when hiking the rocky cliffs. The most famous attraction of this region is the seven-star Hotel Croats in Pula, where the name is based on the hotel’s architecture – the last seven stars were designed to resemble the Holy See of Vatican City.

Last but not least, one of the most visited islands in Croatia is Istria, the largest island of the Adriatic. This beautiful serene island features several tourist attractions, including the beautiful village of Pula and the stunning Venetian Castle. The majority of the island features pine wooded mountains with clean, clear waters and is well-known for its fine, white sand. Only the northern part of the island is inhabited by human beings, with the remaining mainly untouched. Due to its remote location and beautiful beaches, the price of renting a holiday cottage on Istria is relatively higher than other parts of the Adriatic, but the scenery is simply incomparable.

One of the most interesting towns that you should visit while on your Trip to Cres, Croatia is Kvarner, which is only an hour and forty-minute drive from the coast. This beautiful little town has only five hundred inhabitants, but it is conveniently located close to the Dalmatian coast, where there is plenty to do and see. Besides being home to a small harbor, Kvarner has a museum, a restaurant and a garden. The gardens feature mostly tomatoes, peppers and herbs, and there are many unique varieties of berries and vegetables as well. It is worth spending a day or two exploring this lovely little town, because it is definitely worth it when you take a trip to Cres, Croatia.