Making The Future of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia More Exciting


On your trip to the Red Sea coast, you will be heading to King Abdullah City. The largest city of Saudi Arabia situated on the eastern coast of Africa, King Abdullah enjoys a unique position among the other cities in Saudi Arabia due to the large scale development projects are taking place in the city. The city has a modern airport, rail links, and a good number of tourists who travel to the Red Sea coast to indulge in the various activities. King Abdullah City is home to many luxurious hotels, shopping malls, resorts, and business establishments. Among the luxurious hotels in King Abdullah City, there are those that have exceptionally high quality services and facilities.


Among the main attractions of the Red Sea coast, one must visit Jeddah. Also known as the commercial hub of the east, Jeddah is home to numerous shopping malls, luxury hotels, and tourist resorts that attract millions of people from around the globe. The Red Sea coast is very popular among the many tourists who travel to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world. The Jeddah Museum is an example of a rare specimen of Arabic art and it attracts more than a million people every year. The museum has an extensive collection of works of art ranging from several centuries to the modern times.

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Another attraction in Jeddah is al-Balad, the old quarter. This vibrant quarter is home to prominent local businesses as well as some major companies from throughout the region. Major buildings from the old city of Jeddah such as the souks and markets, the traditional Souks, and commercial buildings with prominent names such as the Al-Karras and their Al-Shuwayyan can be found in this old quarter. The souks and markets provide a wide variety of products ranging from fresh fruits, vegetables, clothes, spices, jewelry, metal work, woodwork, textiles, and other items for daily use. Tourists also come to check out the traditional markets of Jeddah which sell local products in addition to some well-known international brands.


A trip to the Red Sea coast and its numerous attractions in Jeddah will also give you an opportunity to experience an altogether new world of holiday fun. One of the many fun things to do during your stay in Jeddah is to take part in the thrilling Hyperloop adventure. This futuristic ride promises an exhilarating ride through a high speed tunnel system that links a number of locations within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. The journey will pass through seven countries and includes an incredible panoramic view of the area.


The journey of the red sea freight elevator is actually part of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz’s (King Abdullah’s) vision to make the country completely dependent upon private enterprise for all its needs, including tourism. With a plan to create one mega commercial hub by building a network of roads and railways in Saudi Arabia and with the support of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, the king has transformed Jeddah into a land of great opportunity and promise. And with the development of the desert economy, Jeddah is enjoying unprecedented growth that is set to overtake its other neighboring nations in a very short period. It is this potential that is being recognized by the global tourist industry, which is making Jeddah the fastest growing tourist destination in the entire Middle East.


This year, Jeddah will play host to the prestigious Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, an international motorsport exhibition which will feature some of the most technologically advanced cars and trucks on the planet. And if you love a bit of culture, there will be plenty of opportunity to indulge in a fascinating round of cultural and race shows, while dining on some of the best cuisine around, and enjoying the hospitality of the locals. A trip to King Abdullah Economic City during the mid-terms of 2021 is sure to be a very exciting one!